" When I first came to Jorge I was walking with a cane. My back hurt very much, my balance was extremely poor and I was very afraid of falling.  After working with Jorge & Angel for 10 sessions, now I walk without a cane, my back pain is reduced,  my balance has improved dramatically and my confidence in walking is back.  Ulloa's team were very professional and it was enjoyable to work with them. 


Thank you so much, Ulloa Physical Therapy for helping me on the road to recovery."

Martha Cook

"I received excellent post-surgical therapy at Ulloa Physical Therapy. The treatments were structured after consultation between Jorge Ulloa and my surgeon and were given with the utmost care. Jorge is an expert at how the body works and, with his assistant Angel, he provided ideas for PT exercises at home and gave a pleasurable tissue massage and sonic-wave treatment each time. More, Ulloa Physical Therapy is a family business, with Sonia Ulloa acting as office manager. It all makes for an organized and professional, yet warm and friendly, environment in which to heal."

Margaret Porter

Based on my own personal experience and very satisfactory results from the Ulloa Physical Therapy Center, I am very happy to recommend Jorge Ulloa to anyone needing physical therapy.  A true professional, Jorge expertly provides his high-quality services in a kind, thoughtful manner, working with his patients to achieve optimum outcomes according to each individual patient’s needs and abilities.  In addition, his office team is very friendly and courteous in assisting patients in scheduling appointments, preparing documentation for health insurance purposes, etc.  ~ Lyn Griffith

Lyn Griffith

"What a great experience having Jorge as my physiotherapist for my back issues.  He helped me tremendously. He is compassionate, professional, and an expert in his field.

Sonia, his wife, runs the front office professionally; and went out of her way to accommodate me with scheduling preferences.

If the need arises, I will certainly return to Ulloa Physical Therapy Center."

C. Green

I recently had a total hip replacement.  My orthopedic surgeon highly recommended Jorge Ulloa for my physical therapy post surgery, located in Riberas at Lake Chapala.  He has recently opened a new office with high-quality equipment.
After 8 therapy sessions, Jorge discharged me and indicated I did not need more therapy as my recovery had been very rapid.
My appointments were an hour each starting at 3 times a week, and dropping to 2 times a week until discharge.
I was given home exercises to perform to assist in my quick recovery.
Jorge is very well trained as a therapist, has worked in the United States and is fluent in English.
He is very professional and worked with me the full hour of each session.
I will soon need a second hip replacement and will surely go to Jorge for my therapy and recovery to normal function.
I highly recommend Jorge for any type of physical therapy that is required, post-illness or surgery.  He also works with MS patients to improve their mobility and balance, etc.  I have had physical therapy in both the US and Mexico in the past for different issues but have never had anyone as good, knowledgeable and professional as Jorge.  It is truly a blessing to have him and his service here at Lakeside.

Ajijic Jalisco, Mexico.

Sharon Dockins

I think of Jorge as having hands of steel one moment and hands of silk the next.

An apt description or not, I can assert that Jorge has brought about more improvement to my quality of life than any previous physical therapist I have asked to help with the problems I have undergone.


I highly recommended Jorge to anyone who needs the services of a qualified and caring physical therapist.





David McNiven